This Sunday: October 23

The Christians and the LionsIn this week’s sermon, “You have to be lame,” Pastor Gary examines the clash between Christian values and those of our popular culture, beginning with a popular ad campaign. Join us as we continue “Believing is Seeing,” a series on the basics of progressive postmodern Protestant belief. Our faith development programming continues on the theme of Christian hospitality.

This Sunday: October 16

PThe Good Bookeople use the Bible as a weapon all the time, using it to justify sexism, racism, homophobia. What should a progressive postmodern Protestant believe about our sacred texts? This week in our “Believing is Seeing” series we turn to the “Not-so-good” Book.

CROP Walk Update

CROP Walk logoThe CROP Walk is fast approaching and we’ve had a great response from the congregation. Twenty five people have signed up to walk and many people have generously sponsored walkers. We encourage walkers to go to the Church World Service website,, find the Sayville CROP Hunger Walk, and set up an online Participation Center for yourself. From there you will be able to send emails to family and friends that will allow them to sponsor you online. It’s a great way to reach a large number of people and to allow those who live at a distance to support you. We would also like to mention that Curves of Sayville has donated a two month membership which we are raffling off. The drawing will be held the day of the walk. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. You still have time to sign up to walk or to sponsor a walker. Please see Gini McLaughlin at coffee hour to sign up to walk, sponsor a walker or to buy raffle tickets. Remember we walk because they walk!

This Sunday: October 9

We continue our sermon series “Believing is Seeing” with a sermon titled “In or Of?” We’ll look at what it means to be church in a progressive postmodern Protestant context.

Be sure to see the ushers on the way in to receive your bag of rice, part of our educational preparation for the CROP Walk. Thanks again to Gini and Jerry for leading this important ministry, along with the soup kitchen, part of our mission to feed the hungry.Drawing of Church