This Sunday: January 29th

Kurt GödelEver wonder why there are two stories of creation in Genesis? This Sunday in Adult Sunday School, we wrestle with how a progressive Christian can make meaning with these ancient tales. (9:00 AM in the Vestry) The Children’s Sunday School continues its unit on “Just Eating” at the same time in the Library.

In worship, we conclude our mini-series on Faith and Science with a sermon titled “Positively Wrong,” about Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems (advanced mathematics!) and moving quickly into Relativity & Einstein and Derrida & Différance. We’ll continue our visual liturgy series on the arts and creativity with a clip on “Broadening the Arts in Worship.”

To a tea

Queen VictoriaThanks to the contributions of more people than can be mentioned here, the 20th Victorian Tea was a great success this past weekend, despite the snow. Sincere thanks are due to all who helped in any way. It could not happen without all of you. In fact, several large pieces of furniture will need to be moved after church this Sunday, so there is still opportunity to be of assistance. If you are willing to help transport the dozen or so boxes to the Sayville Food Pantry, please let Connie or Roger Kauffman know. Cheerio!

Her Majesty Has Left The Building.

This Sunday : January 22, 2012

The AlpsThis Sunday we continue our Faith and Science series with a look at the mysteries of complexity and complex adaptive systems. Pastor Gary’s sermon is titled “On the complexity of not going to Metz.” Our visual liturgy will carry forward last week’s theme of creativity.

At 9:00 AM children gather in the church library for Sunday School. During the current unit they are studying “Just Eating.” Adult Sunday School meets at the same time in the Vestry. This week’s session is on how progressive Christians can think theologically.

The Queen Requests Your Support This Sunday

Helpers are needed after hospitality this Sunday, to move furniture out of the vestry for the Victorian Tea. We also need a team to show up at 5:30 on Saturday the 21st, to put all the furniture back in place, in order to be ready for church the next day. Please sign up on the sheet on the resource table, or just show up. Thank you from the tea committee.Queen


This Sunday, January 15th

MonkeyThis Sunday marks the start of our three week sermon series on Faith and Science. This week is Evolution Sunday. Pastor Gary’s sermon is titled “Monkey-Soul-A-Phobia.” We’ll also recognize Rev. King with a justice-themed visual liturgy and the choir will close the service with “Precious Lord.”
Children’s Sunday School will enter the second week of the “Just Eating” unit, meeting in the church library at 9:00 AM. Pastor Gary will facilitate the Adult Faith Development class, on taking the Bible seriously but not literally, in the Vestry at 9:00 AM.

A Monday Update

GavelNancy continues on Grand Jury duty this week… thanks to Fran, Gail and Sue for volunteering to provide office coverage! There was a special request that I get the New Year’s Day homily online. That as well as yesterday’s sermon, are now online at my blog… link at the bottom of the Home page…

The Spirit was with us yesterday… a worship that was well attended and transformative… and then there was that birthday (how old again?) and Connie’s virtuosa performance during fellowship time!

Children’s Sunday School began a unit on food issues. Liz and Randolf are a tough act to follow (!), but the Adult Sunday School got a good start on our 7-week “Living the Questions” unit. Next week we will have a powerful session on taking the Bible seriously but not literally. This will be especially helpful to Christians coming from other traditions!

I’ll be heading into the city to meet our Conference Minister (our equivalent of a bishop) on Thursday, then I hope to finally see ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,” the film adaptation of one of the best books I’ve read in years.

Have a blessed week!
Pastor Gary