This Sunday: February 5

AlhambraEver wonder how the same guy can heal the crippled, preach God’s justice, and yet also curse the fig tree and call the Syro-Phoenecian woman a dog? This week’s adult faith development class in the Living the Questions series focuses on the Jesus we encounter in the gospels and in the church. The class meets at 9:00 AM in the Vestry. All are welcome. The children’s Sunday School continues it’s unit on “Just Eating,” meeting in the Church Library (in the office building) at 9:00 AM.


In worship we begin a three-week sermon series on “Lessons Learned from Other Religions.” Pastor Gary’s sermon, “The Dirty Word,” looks at a practice we can learn from Islam, one that was present in our early Christian tradition. We will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper with communion in the pews.