49 Acts of Kindness and Love

49 Acts of Love & Kindness
Courtesy of OneOrlandoAlliance.org

  1. Visit an elder and ask them to tell you about the world when they were growing up or when they first got married or their first job.
  2. Get school supplies for needy children
  3. Help prepare school backpacks for kids in need
  4. Offer to serve a meal at a homeless shelter
  5. Introduce yourself to a neighbor you don’t know
  6. Volunteer with Meals on Wheels or similar and take food and company to a housebound senior
  7. Volunteer at an animal shelter and give a stray some TLC
  8. Offer to babysit a small child so parents can have some quiet time
  9. Prepare a meal for someone undergoing debilitating medical treatment
  10. Smile at least 49 times today
  11. Hold a door for someone
  12. Let someone cut in front of you during rush hour traffic
  13. Teach a senior how to text, Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp so they can stay connected
  14. Look at someone you normally disapprove of and try to look at the world from their eyes
  15. If you see someone who is very different from you, look at all the ways you are the same
  16. Try to love and respect someone for who they are, NOT what they look like
  17. Have a simple meal at home instead of going out and donate the savings to a food kitchen
  18. Compliment someone you don’t know
  19. Offer to help an elderly neighbor with their yard work
  20. Read a child a story
  21. Be patient with someone who doesn’t speak English
  22. Pick up something someone dropped
  23. At the airport help someone with their luggage
  24. On a plane, help someone put in or take out their bags from the overhead compartment
  25. Say something nice to someone you don’t like at work
  26. Strike up a conversation with someone you would never normally talk to
  27. Offer to go with an elder to a doctor’s appointment
  28. Offer to pick up a prescription for an ill or elderly person
  29. Offer to sit with an elder so that their caregiver can have some respite
  30. Stay with a young child so that their mother can go to the grocery store
  31. Pick up a neighbor’s mail while they are out of town
  32. Tell a police officer or a firefighter that you appreciate what they do to keep us safe
  33. Tell a teacher they are a hero
  34. Donate food to a homeless shelter
  35. Mentor a child – especially a child with extra challenges
  36. Volunteer at organizations that help homeless teens
  37. Help a non-English speaker as they learn our language by offering to help them read a book or understand a TV show
  38. Try food from a country you didn’t know and learn something about it
  39. Pray for peace and tolerance
  40. Learn the proper way to store a gun and how to keep it away from children
  41. Become active in a cause that is important to you
  42. Hug someone you haven’t hugged in a long time
  43. Adopt a pet
  44. Considering being a foster parent
  45. Share your talents by performing for free in a public place
  46. Teach someone to make music
  47. Teach someone how to paint
  48. Teach someone to read
  49. Try to love more every day


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