About the UCC

Our denomination, the United Church of Christ brings together elements of two different branches of the Protestant tradition, but in many ways we transcend those old categories. Yes, there are Pilgrims up there in the family tree, dour faced German immigrants struggling to feed themselves… but there are also many progressives and radicals in those branches as well. You will find us at the margins, standing for the oppressed and vulnerable in society. We were early Abolitionists, ordained a woman in 1853, brought the lawsuit that forced broadcasters to integrate the airwaves, and endorsed marriage equality before any other Christian denomination. Essentially, we believe that “God is Still Speaking,” that is, that we have more to learn about following the Way of Jesus in an amazing, changing and challenging world.

Every UCC community is self-governed and self-sustaining, funding its own mission work, hiring its own minister. This can mean quite a bit of diversity within our covenant family. Even in our churches you will find life-long members and refugees from other traditions, new Christians and those coming home after years away. Know this… wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!