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eChimes for August 15, 2017


eChimes Newsletter, August 15, 2017
Pastor’s Column
It has been a few days since the ugliness and deadly violence of hatred and bigotry showed itself in Charlottesville, Virginia; Seattle, Washington and elsewhere.
All of us felt our hearts sink when we first saw or heard the unfolding protests, sinking further when news of Heather Heyer’s death was reported. Our prayers and love flow unendingly toward Heather’s family and friends, woven with gratitude for the courage of her convictions that brought her to be among those standing against the hate groups and mongers of violence.
Heather Heyer’s life gave witness, as well, to the truth that there is no moral equivalency between hatred and love. Hatred and the acts that embrace the use of its venom are wrong. It was that hatred, that “wrong-ness” that took an innocent life, Heather’s. We are called to continue to pray and work toward that never happening again, even if it does, even as we remember Heather in our prayers.
We are also called to be “higher angels” – and, friends, we are a congregation of “kinder and higher angels”; we bring the light that needs to shine in all our marvelous hues. We can never let anyone try to dim our radiance and the joy that is more powerful than anything that attempts to stand against it! We dwarf the hatred when we finally realize and believe that we do!
To be clear, I believe there is no moral equivalency between self-espoused groups of hatred and those who rise to protest against it. I know there are differences in political opinions in this country and into our county and community and pews. However, moral leadership requires leadership in a way that rises to the moment, uplifting the heart and courage and goodness of our communities and nation. It is how we move forward; how we begin to heal.
Effective moral leadership leaves behind any “caution” that may tempt us to speak out less in our own areas of influence. Moral leadership calls us to calm – not to foment or affirm the unrest we are trying to extinguish. Moral leadership will always be resisted by those whose see their supremacy as the goal. So, what….?
And, moral leadership is still about Love…
When asked what was the most important of commandments, Jesus replied, “The most important Commandment in the Law is to ‘Love God with all your heart and soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” Matthew 22:37-38
There’s a reason the aforementioned is the greatest of commandments. If you wonder what that might be, consider a world in love with God and one another. We can never be persuaded that that is something to fear by those who will fight to never relinquish power.
With all this said, nether can we accept what has been happening or allow it to become part of “the new normal.” This is not “normal…” It is wrong. Deadly and wrong and needs to be stopped.
Yes, we are called to love those who commit the most heinous of crimes; we can even forgive such individuals over time, perhaps — but they are always accountable for their actions. Forgiveness, love and accountability undergird our morality as part of God’s kindom on earth, as well making it possible for us to live together in hospitality and inclusiveness in our nation and world.
These reasons and more are why each of us must speak with clarity and with a pastoral heart, especially when others are hurting or fearful. It is why we are together.
Friends, we will continue seek ways to be the voice of love, standing agains hatred and violence; I welcome all your ideas and suggestions for us to amplify our voices – and, as always, ask for your prayers.
Now, it’s time for me to make one of those calls to someone that just came to mind. I always want to remember that even in the midst of turmoil this is still about loving one another in our personal care and contact with each another. From there the work of justice and love continues and thrives…because it must.

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