Funerals & Memorial Services

We will work with you to have the Christian Memorial Service that best suits your needs to honor and remember your loved one.

Once it is determined that the date you have selected for the service is available, the minister will work with you to provide appropriate and meaningful content for the service.

If members of the Sayville Congregational United Church of Christ musical staff are available for the time of your service, they will work with you to provide meaningful music.

You are responsible for providing the floral arrangements and candles. Day and time of floral delivery must be worked out with the church office so that the building will be opened. You are invited to leave your floral arrangements for Sunday worship or take them with you if you choose. Please advise the church office if you wish to do so. All other adornment must be removed immediately after the service.

Funeral directors will often offer you a discount on the services provided by the church or attempt to schedule the service without consulting the pastor or church office about availability. Please advise the professionals assisting you with your funeral planning that they must work in partnership with the congregation.

The Vestry is available for small receptions, and the Fellowship Hall for larger receptions. The use of these buildings may be arranged with our Church Administrator in the church office. There will be a fee charged.

Sayville UCC does not charge Covenant Members for the use of the buildings or for the services of the minister. If there is a question about the membership status of an individual, please contact the Church Administrator. However, even for members it is recommended by the Board of Deacons that an honorarium be given to the minister for his services in the amount indicated below.

The Organist and Custodian are to be paid separately for their part in the funeral.
The fees for their services are listed below.

Covenant Members (active members who worship and contribute)
Minister $250*
Musician $150
Custodian $50
Sanctuary rental $100*
Vestry rental $100*
Fellowship Hall rental $100*
Kitchen use $150*

*Recommended by Board of Deacons

Minister $300
Musician $150
Custodian $50
Sanctuary rental $350
Vestry rental $200
Fellowship Hall rental $350
Kitchen use $400


Smoking is prohibited on church grounds.