Coming Sundays


This Sunday, January 15th
We welcome the Rev. Ray Bagnuolo as he leads a Candidating Service followed by a Covenant Member Vote

This Saturday, January 14th
Please come to a reception from 4p-7p in the Vestry to meet Pastor Ray! Refreshments will be served.

From the Moderator
The decision to cancel our church service this past Sunday was not made lightly. Many things were considered, and safety won out. Driving, walking and the ability to dig out in time to get to church since it was still snowing heavily at 9 pm Saturday.

The activities scheduled and cancelled this past weekend will be held this coming Saturday and Sunday. A “do over”. The open house to meet our pastoral candidate, Ray Bagnuolo, will be held Saturday, January 14th, in the vestry, from 4 to 7. Refreshments will be served. Stop in, say hi, and introduce yourself to Ray.

Ray will lead the service and give his candidating sermon on Sunday, January 15th at 10 am. Come and listen. The vote will be taken after the service.

I know that this is Martin Luther King weekend, a 3 day holiday. I considered this, but felt that safety and allowing as many people as possible the opportunity to meet Ray in an informal setting, being present for the service and the vote were important.

While we were not able to experience Ray’s sermon “live” he created a video of the reading from Matthew and it’s application to our lives today. In his sermon Ray explains that it is the “call” that is repeated over and over in the gospels – this happened, then this, and another step begins of how God continues to reveal God-self in our lives and our relationship with the world.

Watch or listen for some powerful insights, ideas and understandings. Thought provoking!!! Look below for directions from Heather on how to access this sermon.