Cocoa! Carols! Crafts! (And Heat!) : During Miracle on Main 11/28


Once again this year, we’ll throw open the doors of Fellowship Hall for a holiday kick-off during Sayville’s Miracle on Main Street on November 28th from 5-9pm. Join us as we welcome community members and local crafts people, enjoy warm company and warm beverages, and sing our hearts out as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. Those wishing to help with cookies, set-up, or hosting should contact Deacon Sylvia.

Coming Sundays: November 22nd and 29th


This Sunday we turn to early portions of Isaiah and the prophet’s vineyard imagery. Dr. Will Donovan will be our guest preacher while Pastor Gary enjoys vacation time. After worship, we’ll enjoy our monthly luncheon and discuss the second Phoenix Affirmation: Christian love of God includes listening for God’s Word, which comes through daily prayer and meditation, studying the ancient testimonies which we call Scripture, and attending to God’s present activity in the world.

On Sunday, November 29th, Pastor Gary will be back and we begin Advent. Our scripture readings will come 2 Kings and focus on the reforms under King Josiah. This year we are trying something new, lighting our Advent candles and singing a carol at the end of the service.

November 8th – Veterans Sunday: Moral Injury and the Journey to Wholeness


Many churches will “celebrate” veterans this coming Sunday, sweeping all that is difficult under a patriotic rug. Others will focus on the morality of war, some supporting “Just War” theory while others will preach pacifism. We’ll move beyond those divisive issues to consider the impact of war on the individual veteran, especially focusing on moral injury, the harm done when a member of the military commits an act that may well be legal and within orders, but that violates our basic morals. We’ll look at the story of Saint Francis and consider his journey after his experience as a soldier and prisoner. We’ll also have special music from Britten’s masterpiece, War Requiem.

Theology on Tap


Next Monday we begin a monthly “Theology on Tap” series. We’ll gather at the Cull House (75 Terry Street in Sayville – near the Ferries) at 7pm, where Pastor Gary will give a short presentation on the scripture, theology and practice around the topic (15 minutes) followed by an open floor where folks can ask questions, offer their own beliefs, or converse with one another. Everyone will be responsible for their own food and beverage purchases. Upcoming Topics Are:

Monday, November 2 – Is there life after death?
Monday, December 7 – Does the virgin birth matter?

This Sunday: November 1st


Tradition tells us that Solomon was wise. It also tells us that, like the Pharaohs, Solomon left behind a transformed city, with a huge Temple and ornate palaces. What came next? This week we turn to the First Book of Kings and the reign of Rehoboam. We’ll also celebrate the saints of the church gathered to God in the last year and join at Christ’s table for communion. For this month’s collection of non-perishable goods for the Sayville Food Pantry, they have asked us to emphasize foods with protein, from canned stews and meats to beans. We hope to see you at 11:00am as continue in our work to change lives.

This Sunday: October 25th


This Sunday, David is crowned king and moves the Ark of the Covenant. Our second reading is the 150th Psalm. The pastor’s sermon will focus on music and dance. Join us at 11:00am as we study God’s Word. After worship, members will gather to discuss the first of the Phoenix Affirmations: CHRISTIAN LOVE OF GOD INCLUDES Walking fully in the Path of Jesus without denying the legitimacy of other paths that God may provide for humanity.

This Sunday: October 18th

(c) Walker Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

This Sunday we will hear a word of hope as we study the Book of Ruth. We will also collect a special offering for Neighbors in Need, an annual appeal that supports our Justice and Witness Ministries as well as the UCC’s Council for American Indian Ministries. Please join us at 11:00am in our historic sanctuary.

This Sunday: October 4th


This Sunday we will come to the Lord’s Table in covenant, and will share our gifts by contributing non-perishable goods for the Sayville Food Pantry and cash donations to the Deacon’s Fund, used to help members of our community in crisis. Our reading comes from the Book of Exodus. Note: This service, originally scheduled for the Common Ground, has been moved back to our Sanctuary due to continuing gusty winds and the soggy ground.

Blessing of the Animals – October 4th at 2pm

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The Blessing of the Animals will take place on Sunday, October 4th at 2pm in the church Fellowship Hall at 131 Middle Road (the yellow building behind the historic sanctuary). Originally scheduled for the Common Ground, we have moved indoors due to continuing gusty winds and the soggy ground.

We will be accepting donations of non-perishable goods for the Sayville Food Pantry.